Custom Cabinet Painting

Do you want to transform your kitchen but don’t have the money for a remodel? Gliding Shelves has the perfect solution for you. We offer custom cabinet painting in Livermore, CA, and the surrounding areas. With a new coat of professionally applied paint, your cabinets can pop with color, show off modern style, or bask in traditional luxury, depending on your preferences.

Our Custom Cabinet Painting

When you call us for cabinet painting, we don’t simply come to your house with a paint roller and splash a quick coat on. We’ll take apart your cabinets and take most of the pieces to our workshop to paint. This controlled environment ensures an even, high-quality coating of paint. We use urethane-acrylic paint for an ultra-smooth, ultra-durable finish.

Our paints are also low odor, so the small amount of painting that we do in your home won’t adversely affect your living conditions.

As an added bonus, we’ll talk to you about adding new knobs or pulls and soft-close hinges. You’ll have the opportunity to totally transform your cabinets with a new coat of paint, new knobs, and hinges that won’t let the doors slam shut.

Whether you want new kitchen cabinets, laundry room storage cabinets, or bathroom cabinets, we’re here to help. We guarantee the lowest prices for painting services, which will already be much lower than buying all new cabinets. Call us today for an estimate.

After you call, we’ll ask for a preliminary quote email. In this email, you should provide your name, number, and the city you live in. You should also include the number of cabinet doors and drawer faces you want to be painted. Plus, please include pictures of each cabinet and, if you have an island, pictures of all its sides.

If you want to work with a custom cabinet painter, give us a call at 925.699.0611.